Introducing PROCORE A1 DtS Non-Combustible Cladding

PROCORE A1 DtS Non-Combustible Aluminium Cladding Panel

Non-Combustibility and fire safety are paramount considerations when selecting cladding material for the construction industry.

With unique profiled aluminium core technology PROCORE A1® is deemed to satisfy non-combustible when tested to AS 1530.1 and AS 1530.3 in accordance with the BCA/NCC requirements.

As the core is a complete aluminium structure, rather than hazardous polyethylene material which is typically found in standard aluminium composite panels, the combustible component has been eliminated.

The non-combustible properties of PROCORE A1® make it the ideal facade cladding choice for all type A, B and C construction where non-combustible materials are required such as commercial and mixed-use, multi-storey developments, residential construction and large-scale projects such as schools and hospitals.

PROCORE A1® is lightweight – half the weight of FR aluminium composite panel and solid aluminium cladding options. This makes it easier and faster to install, a clear advantage especially on large-scale infrastructure projects, reducing overall construction costs.

PROCORE A1® has a generous 0.7mm thick face skin, this additional thickness delivers outstanding surface flatness which performs better under fabrication and folding.

Available in a large range of solid colours PROCORE A1® also comes in a selection of specialty finishes such as woodgrain, metallic and other dynamic effects. Bespoke custom colours and finishes are available providing an unlimited range of combinations.

With a superior quality Kynar 500® PVDF Coating, recognised for extended durability, PROCORE A1® provides optimum resistance to environmental and industrial contaminants. It requires minimal maintenance and comes with excellent long-term performance making it the first choice for aluminium cladding projects.

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