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Airport Cladding Panels

Airport cladding panels are essential for any airport’s interior and exterior. They provide a sleek, professional look and can help improve energy efficiency.

PROBOND® Architectural is a leading supplier of high-quality airport cladding panels, and we offer a wide range of options to suit your needs.

Our panels are made from premium cladding materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet all industry standards. Our high-quality cladding materials are designed to last for years.

Benefits & Features of Airport Cladding

New technologies and construction methods are being developed to make airports more efficient and secure. One such innovation is the use of airport building cladding on airport facades. Our outdoor Aluminium Cladding panels can be used to improve the appearance of an airport, as well as its functionality.

PROBOND® Architectural’s aluminium cladding designs can add a touch of luxury and class to any airport. It also has some great features that can improve safety and security. Here are just a few of the benefits of cladding:

1) The panels help keep passengers safe by adding an extra level of security.
2) It is highly durable and withstands wear and tear well.
3) It is easy to clean and doesn’t show dirt or dust easily.
4) It is available in many different colours and styles to match an airport’s décor.
5) It is economical and affordable.

Our Products & Services

PROBOND® Architectural’s aluminium cladding design panels are a much-needed solution for buildings that require protection from fires, corrosion and other dangers. The non-combustible material provides an aesthetic shield while also protecting the building with insulation properties against noise or extreme temperatures.

Our range of products is designed to elevate the appearance and branding of any property. With customised colour options, you can make your home stand out in a whole new way with our ACP aluminium composite panels!

There is no better material than aluminium when it comes to design and functionality. Incorporating this versatile metal into your project will give you the perfect edge with its state-of modern sensibility!

Select From Our Range of Products

1. Construction & Cladding

Construction & CladdingThe design, durability and functionality of PROBOND® Architectural’s fire-resistant aluminium cladding have been proven to deliver thermal dampening properties ideal for all exterior or interior wall applications in commercial spaces.

Melbourne’s largest range of solid aluminium cladding panels are available with an interesting feature that can turn projects into lasting landmarks!

Products include:

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2. Signage & Display

Signage Display

Whether you need a quick and easy solution to add colour or high impact features to your office design scheme, we are the most reliable aluminium composite cladding supplier.

With durable panelling that can be custom printed with many options from vinyl decals all the way up to full wall coverings for everlasting impressions.

Our range of products include

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3. RV & Transport

RV Transport

We offer a versatile and stylish solution for adding colour to your vehicle’s exterior. It can be used in all sorts of mobile transport applications, like boats or cabs, providing that finishing touch with flair!

Our aluminium cladding also makes an excellent choice when you want noise-making equipment covered without compromising looks – which means it’ll fit right into any type of design needs too!

Products include:

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4. Marine


The new material PROCORE A1 has been designed to be lightweight, strong and long-lasting. This makes it ideal for marine manufacturing applications where durability or structural soundness are essential.

The aluminium cladding materials are impervious against water exposure caused by weathering on board ships that are at sea over the years- which can lead to warping!

Larger sheets make it easier to achieve high-quality results without visible fixtures and fittings. They offer superior integrity, providing an overall streamlined appearance!

Products include:

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Our Prospective Clients –

Property Developers & Builders

We offer one of the most innovative building materials on today’s market for every recladding project out there.

Our cladding material has been proven to reduce sound and thermal vibrations throughout an entire structure, which makes it perfect whether you’re dealing with exterior or interior walls in construction projects!

Our range offers an eco-friendly solution that can help reduce noise pollution, which is desirable in commercial spaces and residential homes.

Fabricators & Installers

With a variety of colours and high-impact features, our aluminium cladding solutions are the perfect way to add colour to any commercial or residential space. Whether you need an attention-grabbing wall highlight or striking countertop sign, innovative point sale displays, or office application panels; We have non-combustible aluminium panel options for recladding that will meet your needs perfectly!

Engineers & Consultants

When it comes to investment, the fire-resistant aluminium cladding is one of those decisions that will pay off in spades!

This material can be used as an excellent cover or noisy insulating equipment while also protecting against rainwater seepage through its surface. And all this at a low cost per square foot – perfect for future projects ahead.

Why Choose Probond?

PROBOND® Architectural is the leading supplier of a wide range of products designed to meet strict quality standards. Our products are made with care, ensuring that they meet or exceed all industry standards while adhering closely against the latest international codes set out by ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standards.

From our 40k sq ft warehouse space and stockpile, you can ensure that we have what it takes when your building needs an upgrade!

To ensure that you never have to wait around for your order, our team uses 24/7 monitored logistics. We track each sheet of our high-rise aluminium cladding products with a unique code – this means no mistakes, and your shipment will always reach you on time!

Construction and development projects often come with tight deadlines. We understand the importance of meeting deadlines, which is why our systems are designed to ensure that we honour time commitments with the highest global quality standards.

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