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Aluminium cladding panels are becoming increasingly popular for domestic and commercial projects in Adelaide. One of the primary reasons for aluminium cladding to be popular is that it can be tailored to meet any specific needs.

At PROBOND® Architectural, we specialise in supplying aluminium cladding panels. In addition, Aluminium composite panels (ACP) are one of the most versatile materials available for cladding applications as they can be smoothly moulded into almost any shape or size, allowing us to provide a perfect customised solution to meet the specific needs of your project, whether it’s a new home or office building or other construction projects.

Building Cladding

Building cladding is a common way to improve the appearance and insulation of a building. PROBOND® Architectural offers a wide range of aluminium cladding designs and products that can meet the requirements of any big or small-scale project. Our cladding is made from high-quality materials that will last for years, making it a wise investment for your next project.

About Products & Services

PROBOND® Architectural’s range of aluminium cladding products demand little to no maintenance and ongoing care. The non-combustible aluminium panels offer a protective shield that is not only aesthetic but also protects buildings from the dangers associated with fires while providing insulation against excessive noise or extreme temperatures. 

Probond’s range of outdoor aluminium cladding products are easy to install and designed to provide a protective shield and insulation from corrosion.

The panels demand little maintenance with an industry-grade quality that will last for years with minimal attention required by the end-user. 

The design possibilities are infinite when it comes to choosing colours that perfectly match your branding needs.

PROBOND® Architectural’s Range Offers Solutions For:

1. Construction & Cladding

Construction & CladdingThe insulative qualities of PROBOND’s fire resistant aluminium cladding have been proven to deliver thermal and sound dampening properties which are ideal for all exterior or internal wall cladding in commercial and residential spaces. Adelaide’s largest range of aluminium cladding panels from Probond will turn projects that may once only be mediocre into lasting landmarks with a stand-out design feature.

Products include:

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2. Signage & Display

Signage Display

PROBOND supplies a wide range of aluminium composite panels designed specifically for long-term signage applications. If you require panels for direct print, vinyl wrap or long-term exterior cladding – we have a solution in the range. 


Products include:

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3. RV & Transport

RV Transport

Our high-quality aluminium cladding can be purchased in any colour to give boats and vehicles the finishing touch they need. The lightweight properties assist in weight reduction for moving vehicles as well. 

Products include:

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4. Marine


PROCORE A1 is a new material that has been designed to be lightweight, strong and rigid. This makes it perfect for marine manufacturing applications where durability and structural soundness are important considerations. Probond’s aluminium cladding reacts well to weathering onboard ships and is designed to last outdoors for long periods of time. 

Larger sheets offer superior integrity while still being able to achieve high-quality results without visible fixtures and fittings; this means an overall streamlined appearance.

Products include:

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Our Prospective Clients

Property Developers & Builders

We provide one of the most innovative building materials on today’s market for any type of recladding project out there. PROBOND’s cladding material has been proven to reduce sound and thermal vibrations throughout an entire structure. The reduction in vibrations makes it perfect for all exterior or interior wall cladding in construction projects. Our range of cladding panels offer reduced noise pollution, which is desirable for commercial spaces as well as residential homes.

Fabricators & Installers

PROBOND aluminium cladding panels are designed to be easy to fabricate and easy to install. Our products are made using lightweight materials to ensure ease of application. 

Engineers & Consultants

PROBOND’s aluminium cladding is lightweight and waterproof, making a perfect solution for long-term projects.  .

Why Choose Probond?

PROBOND cladding materials and products adhere to strict protocols and standards of ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standards. 

Recently moving into a new warehouse with storage space of up to 40,000 square feet, PROBOND holds a huge range of products in stock available for quick dispatch. Coupled with 24/7 monitored logistics, you can be rest assured that you won’t be waiting around for Probond to deliver your goods.

Each sheet of aluminium cladding is accounted for and tracked with a unique code. This ensures that our high-quality standards remain consistent. 

We understand how crucial timing is when it comes to construction and development, that’s why we have a 24-hour dispatch guarantee. 

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