New Release PROBOND Range for Signage Applications


As a result of the feedback from professionals in the signage industry, the PROBOND® Range for signage applications has been reinvented to deliver guaranteed quality and high performance, unique panels being created for each specific requirement.

Purpose-designed the range comes in a variety of colours and standard sizes best suited to each application. A clear protective face film* on each panel indicates type, directional arrows and face finish, making panels instantly identifiable.

*With the exception of PROBOND Smart® for reasons of economy.

For mounting

PROBOND Smart® is the ideal panel for mounting all of your digital prints to. It is a 3mm thick panel and 0.21mm skins with an off-white undercoat on each side.

There is no need for protection film saving you time and generated waste!

Without the need for durable coatings the economical pricing of PROBOND Smart® makes it ideal for all internal and external vinyl wrap signage.

For direct print

Single-sided, print receptive PROBOND Digital® is a 3mm panel and has 0.21mm Aluminium skins with a super-receptive matt white coated face.

It comes with a clear “easy-peel” liner which protects the print face to deliver superior print results. The panel is rigid and delivers high structural integrity.

For intermediate signage

PROBOND Classic® is ideal for all types of general signage applications.

Available in a huge range of sizes and in both 0.21mm and 0.30mm skin thickness it is the ideal panel for your everyday signage requirements.

All panels are suitable for CNC routing and folding and the durable coating makes PROBOND Classic® a better choice for sign-makers.

The ultimate for signage…

PROBOND® Ultra is the ultimate aluminium composite panel suitable for high quality long-lasting signage applications.

Superior quality, 0.30mm marine grade aluminium skins and PPG Duranar Coating for extended outdoor durability, PROBOND Ultra® is available in an extensive colour range. PROBOND® Ultra is the first choice for superior long-term signage, formwork and branding solutions.

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