PROMINIUM® is a high performance, non-combustible, construction grade pre-finished 3mm solid aluminium panel with a durable coating, making it an exceptional exterior cladding choice.

PROMINIUM® is deemed non-combustible when tested to AS 1530.1 in accordance with the BCA/NCC requirements.

PROMINIUM® is one of Australia’s only Non-Combustible aluminium cladding panels purpose designed for use in new constructions and recladding applications.

Developed and manufactured by PROBOND, PROMINIUM® is a solid aluminium panel which offers exceptional fire performance, dependable servicability and a durable long-lasting PVDF finished face. It is a low maintenance solution to add high impact and striking features to create iconic landmarks.

The elevated mechanical properties, outstanding surface flatness and simple fabrication mean PROMINIUM® is perfectly suited to cladding requirements within commercial, residential and high elevation developments.

PROMINIUM® is also an efficient, cost-effective method for transforming older structures – creative, contemporary new looks are easily achieved as PROMINIUM® is ideal for retro-fitting over existing facades.

PROMINIUM® requires minimal maintenance and provides excellent long-term performance making it the first choice for all aluminium cladding projects.

  • ISO9001
  • kynar500
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Colours may vary from actual product due to variations in screen representation, please confirm colour against a physical panel sample.

Technical information

Panel Properties

Panel Thickness (mm)3mm
Weight (kg/m2)8.2 kg
Fire PerformanceA1 according to EN 13501-1
Tensile Strength of Aluminium Layers155-160 MPa

Dimensional Tolerances

Panel Thickness (mm)±0.1
Width (mm)±2mm
Length (mm)±5mm
Thermal Expansion≤4.00x10-5/ ℃

Surface Properties

Paint Thickness (microns)27±1
Pencil Hardness≥2H
Toughness of Coatingno crack when bending degree 90
Temperature Resistance-50℃ ~ 80 ℃
Impact Strength (kg/CM2)50kg/cm2. No crack
Boiling Water ResistanceBoiling for 2h without change
Acid ResistanceImmerse surface with 5%HCI(v/v) for 24H without change
Alkali ResistanceImmerse surface with 5%NaOH(m/m) for 24H without change
Oil ResistanceImmerse surface with 20# engine oil for 24H without change
Solvent ResistanceClean 100 times with butanone without change
Cleaning Resistance≥10000 times without change

Size and Colour Availabilities

Metallic Finish3200x15004000x1500
Bronzed Copper Metallic PM8490
Bronze Metallic PM8277
Champagne Metallic PM8264
Cherry Metallic PM8172
Gold Metallic PM8170
Graphite Metallic PM8345
Gunmetal Metallic PM8364
Ice Metallic PM8173
Jade Metallic PM8174
Midnight Metallic PM8374
Sabre Silver Metallic PM8164
Silver Metallic PM8100
Solid Colours3200x15004000x1500
Anthracite Grey PM6210
Atomic Orange PM6135
Bee Sting PM6244
Brown Earth PM6272
Bushland Green PM6227
Dandelion Yellow PM6239
Denim Blue PM6208
Dusky Beige PM6270
Candy Red PM6500
Cherry Red PM6263
Cool Grey PM6216
Electric Lime PM6410
Frisky Green PM6222
Gloss Onyx Black PM6297
Gloss Vivid White PM6011
Golden Yellow PM6026
Grey Blue PM6230
Hot Flamingo PM6268
Jet Black PM6299
Lime Sherbert PM6221
Monument PM6994
Natural White PM6201
Navigator Blue PM6231
Navy Intenso PM6237
Pale Sunset PM6245
Red Terra PM6266
Scarlet Pink PM6269
Slate Grey PM6217
Snorkel Sea PM6232
Ultramarine Blue PM6478
Blackwood PM9430
Pine PM9420
Redgum PM9440
Rosewood PM9445
Rustic PM9425
Teak PM9435
Sparkling Mica3200x15004000x1500
Blue PM9570
Cherry PM9560
Gunmetal PM9580
Midnight PM9590
White PM9500
Mica Chameleon3200x15004000x1500
Antique Gold PM9265
Dusk PM9270
Galaxy PM9285
Ice PM9260
Maldives PM9280
Simpson Copper PM9275

Product downloads

Product Overview

PROMINIUM® is one of the only Non-Combustible cladding solutions available that meets AS 1530.1

Download PDF - 1.2 MB
Technical Data Sheet

Technical Data and Properties of PROMINIUM®

Download PDF - 237 MB
PROMINIUM Colour Guide

Your complete colour guide to the PROMINIUM Range

Download PDF - 5.1 MB
PROMINIUM® Size Availabilities

Panel colours and size availabilities

Download PDF - 133 KB
Typical Specification


Download PDF - 50 KB
PROfix Cassette Installation - PROMINIUM
Installation - Cassette Method

PROfix Cassette Installation - PROMINIUM

Download PDF - 725 KB
Metallic Finish Colours
Metallic Finish

Create iconic projects with classic Metallics

Download PDF - 4.6 MB
Woodgrain Finish Colour Range
Woodgrain Finish

Earthy and natural, Woodgrain finishes create warmth

Download PDF - 5.1 MB
Sparkling Mica Colour Range
Sparkling Mica Finish

Add a touch of highlight elegance with Sparkling Mica

Download PDF - 10 KB
Mica Chameleon Colour Range
Mica Chameleon Finish

Truely bespoke as colour-changes dance across facades

Download PDF - 5 MB
Care and Cleaning Gulidelines for Construction Applications
Cleaning and Maintenance

Guidelines to the caring for PROBOND in Construction Facade Cladding Applications

Download PDF - 171 MB

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