PROBOND FacadeFR® is a Superior Construction Grade Aluminium Composite Panel designed for long term external cladding applications.

With a Kynar 500 PVDF coating PROBOND FacadeFR® offers the longest durability of any outdoor panel, and it is able to withstand the harshest climates. It has a Fire Resistant Mineral Core which meets Group1 BCA Classification requirements for external cladding.

The 0.50mm aluminium skins make it perfect for folding and it maintains excellent rigidity for large panelling.

  • ISO9001
  • HenkelAdhesives
  • kynar500
  • ISO9705
  • AS 1530.1
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Technical information

Panel Properties

Panel Thickness (mm)4mm
Skin Thickness (mm)0.50mm
Weight (kg/m2)7.55 kg
Sound Absorption0.05
Sound Attenuation25
Water Absorption % by Volume0.01
Thermal Performance R Values0.0113
Core Composition> 75% Magnesium Hydroxide (Mg(OH)2) - Fire Resistant
Fire PerformanceGroup 1 according to AS ISO 9705:2003
Tensile Strength of Aluminium Layers52.5 MPa

Dimensional Tolerances

Panel Thickness (mm)4mm
Width (mm)-0 +2 (+/- 0.2)
Length (mm)-0 +3 (+/- 0.2)
Diagonal-0 +5 (+/- 0.2)
Thermal Expansion2.4mm/m @100°C temp difference
Aluminium Thickness0.50mm

Surface Properties

Paint Thickness (microns)27±1μm
Pencil Hardness2H
Toughness of Coating≤2T
Temperature Resistance-50℃ -80℃
Impact Strength (kg/CM2)50kg/cm2. No crack
Boiling Water ResistanceBoiling for 2h without change
Acid ResistanceImmerse surface with 5%HCI(v/v) for 48H without change
Alkali ResistanceImmerse surface with 5%NaOH(m/m) for 24H without change
Oil ResistanceImmerse surface with 20# engine oil for 24H without change
Solvent ResistanceClean 100 times with Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) without change
Peel Strength6.5 N/mm

Size & Colour Availabilities

Jet Black
Traffic Red
Bright Orange
Lime Green
Lemon Yellow
Anthracite Grey
Ultramarine Blue
Dark Blue
Silver Metallic
Smoked Grey Metallic
Grey Metallic
Dark Grey Metallic
Champagne Metallic
Bronze Metallic
Indian Copper Metallic

Product downloads

Product Overview

Superior Construction Grade aluminium composite panel designed for long term external cladding applications.

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Technical Data Sheet

Technical Data and Properties of PROBOND FacadeFR®

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PROBOND FacadeFR® Size Availabilities

Panel colours and size availabilities

Download PDF - 96 KB

Material Safety Data Sheet for PROBOND FacadeFR®

Download PDF - 126 KB
Panel Processing

An in depth instructional manual for processing PROBOND FacadeFR®

Download PDF - 850 KB
General Processing

Your guide to processing PROBOND FacadeFR®

Download PDF - 397 KB
Installation - Cassette Method

PROfix Cassette Installation System

Download PDF - 722KB
Installation - Concealed Flat Stick Method

PROfix Concealed Flat Stick Installation System

Download PDF - 674KB
Typical Specification

Specify PROBOND FacadeFR®

Download PDF - 62 KB

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