PROMINIUM® – Your definitive, non-combustible cladding solution

PROMINIUM Non-Combustible Pre-finished Solid Aluminium Cladding Material

We’d like to introduce you to PROMINIUM®. It’s a non-combustible, construction grade pre-finished 3mm solid aluminium cladding panel which provides architects, developers and builders with a premium façade cladding choice they can specify with confidence.

PROMINIUM® is deemed non-combustible when tested to AS 1530.1 in accordance with BCA/NCC requirements. It is one of Australia’s only non-combustible aluminium cladding panels purpose designed for use in new constructions and re-cladding applications.

Produced from solid superior marine grade aluminium, PROMINIUM®  is corrosive-resistant, offers UV stability and elevated fabrication capabilities and dependable serviceability. It is a low maintenance solution, well suited to the harsh Australian environment.

With a superior quality Kynar 500® PVDF Coating, recognised for extended durability, PROMINIUM® provides optimum resistance to environmental and industrial contaminants.

PROMINIUM® is perfectly suited to cladding requirements for Type A, B and C construction where non-combustible materials are required such as commercial and multi-storey developments, residential apartment towers and large-scale projects such as schools, hospitals and aged care facilities.

PROMINIUM® is also an efficient, cost-effective method for transforming older structures – creative, contemporary new looks are easily achieved as PROMINIUM® is ideal for retro-fitting over existing facades.

For more information about PROMINIUM® contact our knowledgeable team, we’re ready to partner with you to add high impact and create iconic landmarks for the future.

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