PROPLATE 1.4mm Checkerplate

Introducing PROPLATE 1.4mm Checkerplate Aluminium – the ultimate solution for the caravan manufacturing industry. With its robust ultra durable high impact automotive grade powder coating, this product offers unrivalled protection against stone chips and other harsh environmental elements. Its coating durability lasts an impressive 10 years, making it the ideal choice for Australian climates like Western Australia and Northern Queensland.

PROPLATE is lightweight and easy to shape, making it an excellent choice for caravan manufacturers who need a versatile and durable material. Whether you need to bend it or shape it, PROPLATE offers excellent flexibility and strength, making it the perfect material for all your caravan needs.

In summary, PROPLATE 1.4mm Checkerplate Aluminium is the perfect cladding to partner with PROBOND ULTRA offering a complete cladding solution that offers superior durability, strength, and versatility. With its high-quality powder coating and lightweight design, this product is perfect for caravan manufacturers who want to create the best possible caravans for their customers and brand. Try it today and see the difference for yourself!